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 The removal of trees and shrubs is usually required when a tree is dead, hazardous, or when it will benefit the growth of adjacent plant material. We offer a bucket truck with a 60’ reach availability to access the tallest trees. We also offer a climber option which we use to take trees or limbs to the ground where a bucket truck cannot access. Need a professional opinion regarding one of your trees? Call us first. With our level of knowledge and experience in the field, you will receive an honest and reliable professional assessment on the matter. Our stump grinding machine grinds the stumps in place, reducing it to small chips that can be mixed into the top soil. Grinding the stump to 6" to 12" below grade, we then backfill the hole with the resulting debris. Often, there is a mound of debris that is left behind, which can be used in foundation beds as mulch. Upon request excess debris can be removed to be flush with the ground. Our stump grinder causes minimal damage to your lawn. 

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