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Crack filling


The first step towards keeping your asphalt in good shape is to route, torch and crack fill new and existing cracks.

Proper crack filling along with other maintenance techniques can prevent costly damage and greatly increase the life of your asphalt pavements.

A-1 Services uses  top of the line products, assuring the best possible results on each and every job.

Water Penetration

Water penetrates through the cracks in the pavement and into the sub base. The base is then weakened which leads to cracks working their way up to the surface. Without proper maintenance the cracks will then turn into shattered areas and eventually potholes.


The second cause of pavement cracking is due to oxidation. Since asphalt pavement is approximately 94% aggregate and only 6% asphalt oil, it is very susceptible to the elements. Sun, rain, heat and cold trigger the asphalt to oxidize, causing it to harden and shrink, therefore causes stress cracks.