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PAVING asphalt paving


Step 1. Sub-base Preparation: Area is marked out, topsoil is removed and the site is excavated to a depth of 8". Existing pavement that will be butted up to is snap lined and sawcut. 
Step 2. Base Preparation: A 6" compacted base of high grade road material is built in two layers. This is continually watered and rolled to ensure maximum compaction, eliminating the need to delay paving while the base settles.
Step 3. Fine Grading: The base material is graded with a final watering and rolling. It is checked for water flow to eliminate the possibility of puddles. It is now exactly the same as the final paved job, except being lower.
Step 4. Paving: Hot mix asphalt (290°) is loaded into the paving machine. Crew members constantly monitor and adjust the depth and check the grade as the paving evenly lays the asphalt.
Step 5. Rolling: Maximum compaction is achieved by immediately rolling the hot asphalt with a vibrating steel wheel roller. After slight cooling, the job is then cold rolled. This "cold rolling" removes any creases or lines leaving a smooth finished asphalt pavement.
Step 6. Final Product: The finished job is barricaded off and allowed to cool. Under most circumstances we ask that you wait at least 48 hours until driving on your new surface 

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